Why is Orange Chicken so good?

Panda Express Orange Chicken (yes I capitalized every word there on purpose) is my favorite food. I’ve eaten it so many times these past few years in so many different mental (mad, sad, happy, grinding, lazy, etc) and physical settings (home, roof on top of home, backyard, couch, bed, car). Though I can’t name all the different times I’ve had it, I know I’ve had it enough to give you a full on review. I think it comes down to a few factors: diverse flavor, awesome look, and nice texture. To start, the fact that this chicken is both sweet and has a little ting to it is awesome. It barely resembles what an orange tastes like but variety of taste receptors it fires when I eat it is mind blowing. It’s sweet so you feel like you’re eating a snack but it’s also somewhat soy-saucey and not sour but something else which makes it unique to any other type of food I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tasted many different sweet-ish chickens but none of them match the flavor like this does. The next factor is the awesome look. For one, I think the orange color of the chicken is one of the best shades of orange out there. My favorite color is this army color but a little darker type green but this orange comes in a close second. There’s something fierce about it like a tiger or something if you know what I mean, makes you feel like a boss. It also shines really nicely in any type of lighting. I try to not eat this chicken in darker settings just because of the way light reflects off of this chicken. I think it simply elevates the eating experience. Finally, comes the texture. You CANNOT eat this chicken if the outside is not crunchy (trust me I’ve tried making it myself and it does not match). The fact that the outside is sort of crunchy and then the inside is not as much is literally the most perfect combination to the point at which I don’t think I can eat it any other way. That said, I don’t think every chicken can be eaten this way but for some reason a combination of the flavor, the look, and everything else requires this texture that’s just really dope. Overall, yeah I think that’s why there is no other food that can compare.