How the world will change when we colonize other planets

This thought mainly has to do with how so many people think they’re the shit (i.e. Donald Trump). So many people of power and politicians only see almost exclusively in the present or maybe a few years out because that’s what their job is. They also believe that all the decision they make are the right ones or the ones that “matter”. However, I think that when we start colonizing planets at a rate where we’re finding some place new almost every year or something, people will come to realize how little that matters. Owning some arbitrary piece of land somewhere as a country or having partisan motives which screws with peoples’ lives is just wack in my opinion. Even the idea of a country and the idea of being a “proud American” are just bullshit. People really have to start thinking bigger than that because so many others lose their lives or their loved ones because there are a few people at the top want to prove that they’re better or are simply just stubborn. The reason I bring up colonizing other planets when talking about this is because I think it’s one of many things that will bring these people into a proper perspective of how little they should matter in the lives of everyone else.