States of Mind

We are so limited in the way we perceive things.

To start, the environments we stay in tend not to change very often. This limits our ability to explore random ideas which we tend to generate out of thin air if we are able to get our brain to a certain state.

Next, comes our senses. It’s not like our senses cover all the ways the world can be perceived. Could our level of thinking be elevated if from a small age, we learn other senses through added sensors be it vibrations on our tongue based on some signal from behind your head, or the constant use of glasses that allow us to see heat rather than colors.

Next, comes nutrition. Nutrition has to have some significant affect on our brain and body. What we eat is sometimes what determines how we might think. What we eat tends to not change that much day to day.

Next, comes our friends or the people we talk to. These are the people that in many ways shape your character. Talking to more people opens you up to newer thoughts from different angles.

These are a few random ways we are limited in the way we think but I feel that an augmentation to our senses or any of these things, can really open us up in ways we couldn’t really think of before. There are also a bunch of psychedelic but that topic is for another post.